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The core trading strategy will help you locate high probability trading opportunities where professional traders such as banks, institutions and hedge funds around the world are looking to plan their trades or scale in their positions. No information has been held back, all our knowledge is shared in the core rules of the trading strategy. Trade ideas are discussed in the online community real-time as they happen. No hindsight trading.

The trading strategy can be used to trade any market. Stocks, Cryptocurrencies and Forex can be traded. The supply and demand trading methodoloty also covers various aspects of professional trading, including money management, how to change your mindset, trading psychology & how to develop a trading plan (a trend trading plan is also included). But don’t expect miracles, it will take you months to learn the basics and put them into practice successfully. There are no shortcuts.

Topics covered in the online Trading Community

See some of the topics included in the core strategy by clicking and unfolding on the blocks below.

  • What is supply and demand and why supply and demand moves the markets.
  • No more lagging and colourful indicators. Indicators are not needed, supply and demand has all the information that we need to make our trading decisions.
  • Types of supply and demand imbalances.
  • Rule based strategy to trade with the institutional supply and demand imbalances.
  • What causes a bank to enter the market and why a reversal takes place.
  • Why big investors can’t make trading decisions whenever they want and must wait until certain conditions are met before taking an action in the market.
  • Why it’s key for banks and big investors to split their markets trade up into smaller sizes when they are entering the market.
  • Why banks need an increasing amount of retail traders (small traders) to come into the market once they placed an order.
  • What are the most common candlestick patterns you will see at the origin of an imbalance.
  • How to spot and what kind of base structure we want to see before an imbalance is created after price departs from the base.
  • When and how is a new supply and demand imbalance created.
  • How to validate and how to score a potential tradable supply and demand imbalances.
  • What kind of confluences we must look for in order to enhance and score a level with higher accuracy and probability.
  • How to locate where the big investors are beginning to take profits off their trades by understanding price action and the range.
  • How to define a trend using imbalances. How to define uptrend, downtrend and consolidation stages.
  • How to draw trendlines and how to use them to assess the trend using them together with supply and demand imbalances.
  • Learn about the Range, when it’s too high to buy or too low to sell.
  • High probability trading with momentum or location trade setups correctly located in the Range.
  • When it’s too low to buy and too high to sell. Learn a set of strict rules that will prevent you from taking trades when price is too high or too low in the bigger picture Range.
  • The importance of multiple timeframe analysis (MTF), how to pinpoint the exact entry point with laser beam accuracy.
  • How and why to choose your timeframe combinations, those to be used in your trading sequence.
  • How multiple timeframes are related to each other and how to align with the bigger picture trend.
  • How and when to use a sequence of timeframes to decide the highest odds trend direction.
  • How to plan a trade using a strict rules set methodology.
  • How to locate turning points where the banks have placed their trades, how to plan your trade at the same location.
  • When to take a trade and when not to trade. Doing nothing is the most important trading decision.
  • Learn the different types of confirmation trades there are.
  • When to trade counter-trend and how to use lower timeframe sequences to drill your entry down.
  • Most common high odds scenarios supply and demand trade setups.
  • What to do before, during and after important news events.
  • Supply and demand applied to Indexes, Stocks and Commodities.
  • How to scan Forex and Stocks looking for new setups.
  • The psychology of trading, finding your why.
  • How to build your trading plan. You will have access to a trading plan to trade with the trend, all rules and scenarios possible, exit tactics, risk reward, drawdown, daily routine, etc.
  • Trade management and exit tactics.
  • The importance of back testing the rules.

Price action. No indicators

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‘KISSS’ Method – Keep It Super Simple Stupid

  • No indicators, no volume. no news or earnings announcements need to taken into consideration. It took me years to figure out how to locate imbalances on a price chart, but once I learned how to use supply and demand as a filter, my trading dramatically improved and I have never looked back. The core trading strategy together with the daily support of the community will give you a concrete set of rules, a real plan of action which will help you develop the right mindset to trade like a serious professional trader. Your thinking will be completely transformed.
  • The supply and demand trading strategy uses logic and common sense without the use of lagging indicators.You will not need to wait for any price signals on the charts to be present before entering a trade, these rules will help you set and forget your trade no matter what happens in the markets. The core strategy has withstood Brexit and COVID-19 scenarios with flying colours.

Have you been searching for the right way to profit from the markets but haven’t found it yet?

Learn how to trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum & Altcoins using the forces the move the markets. You can trade like a profesional trader if yow know why the markets move the way they do.


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