Boost your trading skills with 1-one-1 Coaching

Take your trading to the next level with personalized 1-on-1 coaching. Two hours per week will greatly enhance your trading skills, surpassing any benefits from books, videos, or chat rooms. This experience will transform your perspective on the markets and your overall life.

The personalized one-on-one learning program will take you much further through practical experience than simply learning theories. You will learn from Alfonso Moreno, who is considered an authority in supply and demand technical analysis.

Personalize Trading Coach. Learn to trade Stocks and Forex

Everything You Need for Greater Success

You already know the basics. Now I will work with you to lead you to greater levels of profitability.

Mesa de trabajo – 45@2x

Weekly Live Sessions

Avoid the painful , never-ending cycle of chasing the next “hot” thing. Weekly live sessions will help you focus on exactly what you need to do to succeed now.

Mesa de trabajo – 46@2x

Homework & Assignments

You will have weekly assignments and homework to complete. Wax on, wax off! Repetition is the mother of all sciences. Trading is no exception.

Mesa de trabajo – 47@2x

Stay Focused

I will keep you focused by working on simple tasks. Repeating the same thing a thousand times is the only way to create patterns and a habit.

The following live coaching plans are arranged based on the amount of personalized coaching you desire. Alfonso Moreno will personally serve as your coach in all of these plans. Alternatively, you can spend an entire week with Alfonso Moreno in your own city or in Spain.

1 hour Live Coaching Zoom session

Live Zoom Session
  • A 1-hour Zoom call to evaluate your trading.
  • Understand Structure, Context and Multiple Timeframe Analysis.
  • Understand why you are not making money through trading.
  • Open your eyes to the supply and demand forces that drive the markets. Change the way you view the financial markets.
Limited to 10 spots

Online Personalized Coaching

No Zoom sessions are included.
250 / per month
  • Daily and weekly homework and assignments.
  • VIP Online Support by Alfonso Moreno.
  • Trading ideas for US stocks, Forex, and cryptocurrencies. Valued at €65.
  • The Supply and Demand Trading Course is also included.
  • Understand Structure, Context and Multiple Timeframe Analysis.
Limited to 5 spots

6 Months
Live Coaching

24 hours of live Zoom sessions
  • Everything in the online coaching plan.
  • Receive 24 hours of personalized, one-on-one live coaching with Alfonso Moreno.
  • One hour private live Zoom session per week. Use at your own discretion.
  • Private channel for direct communication with your coach.
  • Schedule a Free 15 min Call to address any doubts you may have.

Here's what you get with your personalized trading education


Homework and Assignments

Complete your homework and assignments as you progress through the concepts of supply and demand. Work at your own pace. I will assist you in getting it right from the start. Each lesson includes homework that must be completed before moving on. You must develop new habits, which can only be achieved by moving at the appropriate pace.


Trading Lessons

The members’ area includes the course and core rules for trading supply and demand imbalances. The education area also offers hundreds of live trade ideas planned weeks before reaching key imbalances. Lessons and homework are released to you as you complete your assignments.



VIP Online Support

I provide a members-only online support channel. You can reach out to me anytime you have questions or concerns about any concept, trading scenario, the trading course, or a potential trade opportunity. I typically respond to inquiries within 12 hours.


Understand Structure, Context and Multiple Timeframe Analysis

It is critical to know when and where new imbalances are created. You will learn how to find order within the chaos and understand why context, structure, and location are crucial puzzle pieces. I will help you connect the dots, and trading in the right direction will be easier with a focus on bigger timeframes.


Do Things Differently

To improve your results, you must make changes. Stop repeating the same mistakes and overlooking the overall trend. Understanding supply and demand will provide the context and structure to keep yourself safe. Our methodology has successfully weathered the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit, proving its effectiveness.


Price Action is All that Matters

What if you could view candlestick charts and easily identify potentially profitable opportunities? Learn how to properly interpret charts, understand the market conditions, and comprehend the reasons behind movements in the stock and cryptocurrency markets. Gain knowledge on how to effectively time your entries by recognizing imbalances.


Reduce your Subjectivity and Unlock your Potential

Begin analyzing price action like never before. Learn to automatically correct yourself using a mechanical and non-discretionary rule-based approach in your trading, eliminating second-guessing. The high-probability trade ideas will also assist in maintaining focus


A Trading Methodology that is Ideal for Full-time Jobs

You cannot influence the price action with the power of your mind, no matter how hard you try. As unemployed teenagers, you do not need to spend many hours in front of the computer daily. Instead, plan and execute successful trades in real time. Do not rely on hindsight.


Learn why and when to buy when everyone is selling

Place your trades before the average trader becomes aware of them. You cannot succeed and outsmart the markets by following the crowd. The imbalances of supply and demand will indicate when and why.


Trade option strategies

Utilize supply and demand imbalances to strategize your trades with stock options—eliminate uncertainty about when and where to initiate option spreads or vanilla options. By incorporating these imbalances, your long calls, long puts, and option spreads will dramatically increase their likelihood of success.


What will I learn in the live sessions?

The sessions are divided into various modules and lessons. You will learn everything necessary to become proficient in supply and demand trading for any market and asset, regardless of the timeframe. Among other things, you will learn.

Mechanical rule-based strategy

Learn a rule-based trading strategy, step by step, that can be applied to any market. This methodology has successfully navigated major events such as Brexit, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Russian/Ukrainian war.

The trading strategy explains the reasons and methods behind market movements. Simplify your trading approach and learn to correct yourself automatically.

A trading strategy that makes sense

You no longer need to add multiple indicators and oscillators to your charts. There is no need for second-guessing with fundamental analysis. You do not require a PhD in economics or Defi to make money.

Supply and demand is the missing piece of the puzzle, and you will be amazed by its accuracy.

No promises. Results

Have you been searching for the right way to profit from the markets but haven’t found it yet? Look no further. Supply and demand are the forces that move all the markets: stocks, cryptos, and Forex.

Place your trades weeks in advance with surgical accuracy, right where a strong reaction is expected to happen.

Become the exception.
Become profitable.

The majority of traders are not making a profit. According to various sources, between 80% and 95% of traders do not consistently make a profit. By joining the Set and Forget Trading Academy, you will become an exception to this trend.

 It is important to note that hope alone is not a reliable strategy. Instead, focus on learning all the necessary skills to become a successful trader in stocks, Forex, and cryptocurrency markets.

We’re devoted to your success

Plan your trades weeks in advance

No fundamental analysis required

No need to use indicators

Individual attention that will make a difference

Kick your trading skills into higher gear with 1-on-1 trading in a supportive atmosphere. Straight talk, no secrets, actual results! Private channel to communicate and post your homework every day and week.

Weekly meetings

You don’t need coaching all day and every day. For most traders, one hour a week is enough. You will learn to use your time efficiently and avoid over-trading and studying too much. There are custom plans available for up to 4 hours a week. 


Personal 1-on-1 coaching is costly—$5000 per week or more. For less than €400 per month, you get almost all the same benefits from Set and Forget for a lot less!

Learn a trading strategy that really works

Supply and demand has stood the test of time, Brexit, COVID-19 and the recent Russian/Ukrainian war. Price action and supply and demand move the markets. No fancy indicators and no fundamental analysis are needed.

We will focus on what works

I know what works. The rest is about discipline and learning to manage yourself and your emotions. I’m a real person helping new traders like you achieve their goals.

Long-term experience

Hundreds of traders have been trained since 2013, and I never stop working on perfecting our roadmap to success. There is always a real person (Alfonso Moreno) guiding you through the ins and outs of the ever-changing markets available every day.

Strategy ideal for traders with a full time or part time job

A full-time job is not a handicap to your trading; it’s a blessing. It helps you stay focused by staying away from your trading platform.

Increase your trading skills with an experienced trader by your side every week.

A couple of hours a week is all most traders need to overcome barriers and progress towards their training goals.

No fundamental analysis is needed

Do you already know the basics? You don’t need to have a PhD. in economics or DeFi to make money. I will work with you to get you even greater levels of profitability.

Entries, Exits, Risk Control

I help you master it all. You’ve read how vital risk control is. Now let us help you put it all into a coordinated plan.

Experienced coach

Alfonso has been trading the same strategy for many years with the “arrows” in the back to prove it! He wants to prevent you from making the same mistakes!

Homework & Assignments

You will have access to a private zone to interact with the coach any day at any moment on top of the weekly coaching sessions. Review and complete your assignments efficiently; be corrected on your analysis. Progress as you complete your weekly homework.


What to expect?

Welcome to my exclusive webinar series delving into the fascinating world of Stocks and Forex trading – a weekly journey for both beginners and advanced traders, and it’s absolutely FREE!

Secure Your Spot Now.
Boost Your Trading Skills.

The majority of traders are not making a profit. According to various sources, between 80% and 95% of traders do not consistently make a profit. By joining the Set and Forget Trading Academy, you will become an exception to this trend.

Reserve your spot for my free weekly webinars and transform the way you view the markets.


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