Learn to trade with the forces that move all the markets

Through field practice, the learning program will take you much further than simply learning theories. You’re ready to invest in yourself, and you’re prepared to put in the work needed.  Only a customized and personalized approach forward will do. No more churning your account. Learn to trade with the forces that move the markets.

The memberships below are ordered by how personalized you want your training. Alfonso Moreno himself will be your coach in all the plans. You can choose to learn online, connecting live two hours a week or spending a whole week with Alfonso Moreno in your country or Spain.

Personalized Online Coaching

US Market

Taken by the hand for an entire year
895 / year

cancel at any time

  • Learn how to use the forces of supply and demand to beat the markets
  • Daily and weekly homework and assignments. Allow for at least 12 months to complete the course and homework.
  • Learn why and when you can enter, hold, and exit trades in the market
  • Daily updates for US stocks, ETFs, cryptos and Forex
  • Private channel to communicate and be taught directly by Alfonso Moreno
  • Tutorials and How-Tos
  • Plan together winning trades in real-time. No hindsight
  • Hot picks for Stocks, ETFs, Forex and Cryptos are included
  • Alternatively, our Lifetime membership is an option for a more relaxed and personalized learning program without worrying about time
Limited to 10 seats

Forex + Cryptos

Taken by the hand for an entire year
895 / month

Daily homework and assigments included

  • Everything in the online coaching plan is included
  • 1 hour live zoom session / week. 4 hours a month
  • Daily and weekly homework and assignments
  • Take advantage of new trade opportunities as you learn. Hot picks for Stocks, ETFs, Forex and Cryptos are included
  • Plan and take trades live. No hindsight
  • Longer-term live coaching plans are available with more hours and periods. Quarterly and 6 months coaching plans are available. Contact me if you have any doubts.


Go at your own pace. No

Learn in the comfort of your place

  • Unique opportunity to learn from the comfort of your home
  • I visit your country or you visit mine
  • You decide where you want to learn: your country or Spain
  • Spend a full week with Alfonso Moreno learning al the secrets to trade the markets successfully
  • Boost your understanding of the financial markets in a fully personalized on-site experience
  • One year of personalized support included. I will support you in your trader career and monitor your progress
  • Plan and take trades live. No hindsight
  • Contact me to request more information
A lifetime membership is also available. It includes all plans, learning the strategy, and homework.

Here's what you get with your personalized trading education


Homework and Assignments

Complete homework and assignments as you move forward in the supply and demand concepts. Go at your own pace. I help you make it right from the beginning. Each lesson has its homework that you must complete before moving on. You must create new habits, which can only be achieved by going at the right pace.


Trading Lessons

The members’ area contains the course and core rules strategy to trade supply and demand imbalances. The education area also includes hundreds of live trade ideas planned weeks before the key imbalances were reached. The lessons and homework are dripped to you as you complete your homework.


VIP Online Support

I offer a members-only online support channel. You can contact us whenever you have questions or concerns regarding any concept or trading scenario, the trading course or a potential trade opportunity. I will usually respond to queries within 12 hours.


Understand Structure, Context and Multiple Timeframe Analysis

When and where new imbalances are created is critical. You will learn how to find order within the “chaos”. Learn why context, structure and location are crucial pieces of the puzzle. I help you connect the dots. The bigger timeframes will help you trade in the right direction.


Do Things Differently

To better your results, you must do things differently. Stop making the same mistakes ignoring the big picture trend. Supply and demand give you the context and structure to keep you on the safe side. Our methodology has withstood COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit catastrophic events with flying colours.


Price Action is All that Matters

What if you could look at candlestick charts and automatically spot potentially profitable opportunities? Understand how to actually read charts, understand the market context and why the stock and crypto markets move the way they do. Understand how to time your entries using the imbalances.


Reduce your Subjectivity and Unlock your Potential

Start to analyze price action like never before. Learn to auto-correct yourself by using a mechanical and non-discretionary rule-based approach in your trading—no more second-guessing. Our daily updates with high probability trade ideas will also help you stay focused.


A Trading Methodology that is Ideal for Full-time Jobs

You won’t move the price action with the power of your mind, no matter how hard you try. As jobless teenagers, you don’t need to stay in front of the computer many hours a day. Plan together winning trades in real-time. No hindsight

Mechanical rule-based strategy

Learn a step-by-step rule-based trading strategy to trade any market. A trading methodology that passed the most significant events in recent history with flying colours,  Brexit, COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian/Ukrainian war.

The strategy explains why and how the markets move the way they do. Simplify your trading and learn to autocorrect yourself.

A trading strategy that makes sense

You no longer need to add a bunch of indicators and oscillators to your charts. No more second-guessing with fundamental analysis. No need for a PhD in economics or Defi to make money.

Supply and demand is the missing piece of the puzzle. You will be amazed at its accuracy.

No promises. Results

Have you been searching for the right way to profit from the markets but haven’t found it yet? Look no further. Supply and demand are the forces that move all the markets: stocks, cryptos, and Forex.

Place your trades weeks in advance with surgical accuracy, right where a strong reaction is expected to happen.

Mesa de trabajo – 30@2x


Your trading after Set and Forget…

The learner program will show you how big a difference book knowledge is from field practice. Practice is key. We hold your hand like a mentor and a father figure. That is very rare in the thousands of online courses out there.

Plan your trades without having a PhD in economics or DeFi. Set and forget trading academy has everything you need to learn to trade profitably in one place—a personalized trading experience with direct contact with Alfonso Moreno. While learning, you can access trading channels with hot picks with stocks, cryptos, and Forex pairs to buy.

Our mission is to educate you so well that you will not need us in a couple of years because you’ll have learned everything you need to trade intelligently and confidently for the rest of your life!

Learn to Trade


One-on-one personalized education
185 / per month
  • A 9-12 months supply & demand course to learn why and how the market moves
  • Weekly homework and assignments
  • Learn why and when you can enter, hold, and exit trades in the market
  • Private room to communicate and be taught directly by Alfonso Moreno
  • Tutorials and How-Tos
  • Plan together winning trades in real-time. No hindsight
  • Hot picks for US stocks, cryptos & Forex
  • Don't worry about how long it can take you to learn. Our lifetime membership will help you stay focused without worrying about time and extra fees

Learning Memberships Comparison

Check the comparison for the three plans below; it will help you decide what you want. Coaching plans also include the supply and demand core principles course.

Renewals can be cancelled at any time.


Private Coaching

€ 150/ month

One-on-One live coaching

€ 595/ month

Daily homework and assignments
Live Zoom sessions with Alfonso Moreno
Core principles course
Support. Questions and answers
Buy and hold swing and trading opportunities
Weekly video analysis going over +80 assets
Bookmark trading ideas
Curated stocks watchlists
Daily updates for US stocks, ETFs, cryptos and Forex
Swing and long-term stock picks
ETF sectors analysis


One on one coaching trading education

Oe-on-one coaching at affordable prices. Contact the coach directly any day of the week. Move to the next stage in your trading career by learning directly from the trader that created the strategy.


Learn why and when to buy when everyone is selling

Enter your trades before the typical trader even gets wind of it. You cannot win and outwit the markets by doing what everyone else does. Supply and demand imbalances will tell you when and why.


Trade option strategies

Use the supply and demand imbalances to plan your trades using stock option strategies—no more second-guessing when and where to open your option spreads or vanilla options. Your long calls and long puts, and your option spreads will boost their probability of success by using these imbalances.


What will I learn in the supply and demand course?

The supply and demand course is divided into different modules and lessons. You will learn all you need to know to master supply and demand trading for any market and asset, regardless of the timeframe used. You will learn amongst many other things.

Become the exception.
Become profitable.

Most traders are not profitable. Depending on your source, 80% to 95% of traders are not consistently profitable. Join Set and Forget forum become the exception.

Hope is not a strategy. Learn all the skills you need to become a profitable stock, Forex and cryptocurrency trader. 

We’re devoted to your success

Plan your trades weeks in advance

No fundamental analysis required

No need to use indicators

Join the largest supply and demand trading site in the world

Join us today and take your stock, cryptocurrency and Forex trading to the next level! Forget about everything you’ve learned; you don’t need a PhD in economics or stay in front of your trading platform many hours a day.


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