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Whether you like it or not, supply and demand are the forces that govern our lives; the US stock market is not an exception. Trade with the smart money that creates these imbalances and have a life. Do things differently, or you will lose money like most traders.

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Frequent Questions & Answers

Are intraday and scalping trade ideas discussed?

No, intraday (short-term) and scalping are not supported. We do not need the smaller timeframes to make money; the smart money and the long-term trends can only be seen in the bigger timeframes. However, you can use our supply and demand imbalances to support and plan trades in smaller timeframes or use Set and Forget’s trade ideas to place trades using other strategies.

Do I need a specific trading platform to trade supply and demand?

No. The trading platform used is irrelevant.  However, some brokers have restrictions based on the trader’s nationality. You can use Interactive Brokers, Metatrader, Binance, Trading View, e-Trade, Trade Station, Think or Swim, Schwab, Fidelity or any other trading platform. The strategy does not need any indicators.

Can Set and Forget or any of its members invest my money?

Neither Set and Forget nor Alfonso Moreno will invest anyone’s money. You are the sole responsible for trading your money. You must make your own trading decisions following your trading plan. We encourage you not to trust anyone deciding to invest your money. Most likely, you will end up losing it.

Do we need to use fundamental analysis to plan a trade?

As supply and demand traders trading bigger timeframes, we do not need to pay attention to fundamentals, TV spokesmen or “research” papers from brokers and the like. When using supply and demand and bigger timeframes, fundamentals are priced in.

What is the win rate of the supply and demand strategy?

What is the win rate of our supply and demand strategy? The strategy is NOT a robot or an algorithm. Last time we checked, human beings don’t possess artificial intelligence or can execute a trading plan like a robot, emotionless. The win-loss ratio depends on how well the human behind it executes the trading plan and controls his emotions. Most traders will fail to do that. If we tell you that the win rate is 60%, 70%, or 50%, it just doesn’t matter because you will never be able to replicate it since you are not a robot; you are a conscious human. The coaching program will help you achieve an excellent win-loss ratio above 50%. However, reading the rules is one thing; understanding them and applying them in the live market is different. You will probably not like the answer, but it’s a fact that we cannot change. Anyone telling you the opposite will lie and only want your money.

What is Set and Forget's refund policy?

All sales are final. Recurring subscriptions are charged in advance every month and provide membership benefits for the next period. Once a charge has been processed, there are no refunds. You can cancel anytime, and your existing membership benefits will continue until the next period.

Do I need to invest much money to buy stocks using supply and demand?

You may think trading bigger timeframes is more capital-intensive than intraday and smaller timeframes. That’s true. However, as a stock trader, there are several options you can choose from. 1) You can buy shares (no leverage). 2) You can use less capital-intensive methods like bullish options strategies (buy or sell premium). 3) You can use CFDs (if allowed in your country) to take advantage of higher leverage of up to 10:1 or more in specific stocks. Most brokers now offer the possibility of buying fractional shares; you are no longer forced to buy in multiples of 100 shares—certain exchanges like the Chinese force you to buy 100 shares and sometimes even 500. On the other hand, most Chinese stocks are very cheap, so it should not be a problem to buy 500 shares.

Is there a video analysis shared? How often?

Video analyses are shared at least once a month or when a relevant trade idea or scenario needs to be explained. American stocks video analysis will be published at least twice a month. Forex, Crypto and the rest of the markets available in Set and Forget’s market subscriptions will have at least one video analysis per month.

Can I make money using the trade ideas shared?

You can definitely make money using the trade ideas shared at Set and Forget. Set and Forget neither offers financial advice nor a signal service; you must do your own diligence. You must know what you are doing and use a conservative approach risking 1% or less of your total capital in any given trade. Capital conservation is critical to making money; fail to have a trading plan and a conservative money management set of rules, and you risk losing all your money before you even start your trading career.

How much money can I make trading supply and demand?

The supply and demand methodology used at Set and Forget is no different from any other methodology available. Why? No strategy can predict the monthly/yearly returns it will make; if anyone gives you a figure or a percentage, they will LIE to you. Expect at least 10% yearly returns, probably 15% or more, depending on how conservative you are or the number of trades available throughout the year. There are times when the yearly returns can be much higher than that; you must be realistic, though. A great result during a given month or year does not mean that the same results will be possible in the same period again.

Can I double my account every month after a short period?

Anything is possible. Doubling your account every month or a couple of months is like saying you can win the lottery every month. Would you believe anyone that told you he could do that? I would NEVER believe him. Don’t be naive! Be realistic. Consistent high returns over a long period are not realistic; they do not happen consistently. Do not believe the charlatans out there. You’d better stay away from Set and Forget’s services and any other service, or you will lose all your money. +85% of traders blow up their trading accounts; you will not be an exception if you do the same thing.

Is there a trial account? Are there refunds?

No, there are no trial accounts. Our supply and demand analysis is top-notch. If our memberships are a burden for you, you should stay away.

Can I speak directly with Alfonso Moreno?

There is only one coach at Set and Forget trading academy. His name is Alfonso Moreno, the founder and creator of the trading strategy. You will have direct contact with him at all times for more personalized learning and trading experience.

What payment methods are accepted?

PayPal and major credit and debit cards are accepted, providing instant access to service. Long term and Lifetime memberships can also benefit from bank wire transfers. Cryptocurrencies and Western Union are also available. Contact us if you need it.

Can I pay the membership with cryptos?

Yes, you can pay for the memberships with your cryptos. Payments will be sent to Set and Forget’s crypto wallet. Contact us if you want to pay with cryptocurrencies and obtain the wallet address to make the payment. 

Can I cancel or change my account at any time?

Yes. You can cancel your membership at any time by logging into the system or contacting us by email.

Is there any support? Can I ask questions about trading ideas or doubts?

Support and questions are supported in the coaching and learning programs. The supply and demand strategy core rules are only shared with those that want to learn how to trade, not with read-only mode memberships.

How many trades will I see every month?

Set and Forget cannot tell you how many trades you will see every month or every week because it cannot control the markets. The markets will provide whatever they will provide. Sometimes, the markets will be over-extended, and trade ideas will be scarce. There will almost always be a trade trying to play out. In high-volatility scenarios and critical events like the COVID-19 pandemic or war, the number of trades will be so significant that you won’t have enough money to trade all of them. During COVID-19, the Ukraine war and other events, there were more than 200 trades to take. Is that enough in a year? More than enough! Remember that the subscriptions are paid yearly; a year is a long time.

I am looking for a live room on a daily basis, is this service offered?

No, live trading rooms and chats are not available. New analyses are added as they happen. We do not need a chat or live room to share trade ideas. There is life out there besides trading. We must treat trading as a business, not as a game or a place to share jokes and emoticons with our buddies.

Do trade ideas have a target and minimum risk?

Targets and risks will depend on the amount of money allocated to each trade in your trading plan. Each trader is different, so you must adjust your risk and targets to match the expectations in your trading plan. As a rule of thumb, you should never risk 1% of your capital on each trade. Your target you be at least 2x or 3x; that is, the position should be closed once the position doubled or tripled the initial investment.

Can I pay monthly instalments instead of yearly ones?

Subscriptions must be yearly. Why? It’s very simple. You will not take advantage of swing and bigger timeframe positions in a month. You must see the imbalances shared in the analyses play out over a long period. Once the yearly subscription ends, you can opt for monthly instalments. These monthly instalments will always be more expensive than annual instalments.

Can I make money having a full-time job and a family?

Yes, you can definitely make money trading supply and demand imbalances if you have a full-time job, a part-time job and a family to take care of. Intraday (short-term smaller timeframes) can be extremely stressful, and you can lose money quickly. Having a full-time job is not a handicap but a blessing because it will help you stay focused on what matters. Set and Forget’s trade ideas using bigger timeframe supply and demand imbalances will help you set and forget your trades, have a life and spend quality time with your beloved ones as you make money.


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