Supply and Demand Forex and Stocks Trading Community

Become a member of a worldwide growing community of like minded supply and demand traders all trading with the same rules set.

Belonging to a like-minded traders community has a lot of benefits. We all trade by the same rule set, anything outside these rules are not permitted. You will no longer cloud your mind with multiple strategies and entries, we are all trading supply and demand imbalances with a strict rules set. These rules and patterns can be spotted over and over again since the markets are governed universally by supply and demand. Becoming a member grants you exclusive access to the full trading course, lessons, hundreds of hours of archived webinars and weekly video analysis, as well as potential 'before the fact trade setups' posted throughout the week. No hindsight.

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Live Trade Setups Ideas posted every day

We trade Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Indexes Futures and CFDs; a wide range of instruments to help you spot specific trade setups every day and week. We don’t believe in spending hours a day in a chat room talking about potential trade setups and banal things about life resulting in no trading at all. Trading is boring, applying a set of mechanical rules is also boring. Trading is not a game, we must treat it for what it is. It is a way of making a living, it is a business and should be treated as such.

As a member of the community you will benefit from daily and weekly analysisposted by myself and other members, where you will see trade setups posted before they will actually happen. Where you will see actual trade set ups work and play out real time following the strict rule set.

You can also use our Stocks analysis to trade options. Buying and selling options at supply and demand imbalances where professional traders and filling their orders and hedging their positions.

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Forex and Stocks Trading Channels

Have senior traders guide you through various market conditions and scenarios and help you identify potential trade setups as trades are planned throughout the week. There are more than a hundred of Forex channels and hundreds of stocks and futures channels where you will see updates on new imbalances and potential trade ideas in the making. If you are in doubt, ask and you will have your analysis corrected.

Search and learn from past trades. Thousands of analysis and trades posted since 2013, an enormous pool and encyclopedia of supply and demand trade scenarios that will change the way you look at the markets. Browsing these older setups a few minutes every day will boost your understanding of the markets a thousand fold.

Learn. Interact. Trade. Our live trading channels room offers coaching, Trade Ideas, and real-time market insights.Subscribe to any live channel and when you want answers and we shall provide unparalleled support.

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Access to exclusive tools only available to members

The community has evolved since it was first launched in October 2013. Not only are there traders but also programmers and designers. These members are willing to help the community by making what they do best. Some have build advanced spreadsheets to keep a log of your trading decisions and setups, new tools have been developed for Metatrader 4 platform, Trading View, Forex Tester, etc. These tools will be of great help on analysis, they won't add any layer of complexity to your trading decisions, just the opposite. You can benefit from all these tools provided by other fellow members, sharing and helping is what the community is all about.

Participate in yearly community meetups with daily live trading and outdoor activities in key cities around the world

There is life beyond trading my friend :) Meetups is where real bonds are created. It is good to be part of a like-minded traders community. It is also important to be able to put a face to the nicknames that you interact with on a daily basis. These meetups will be free or require a very modest fee to join, there is no intention to make money out of member events. It is about getting together, improving your trading skills and building friendships while having fun with your family and trading mates. These community workshops include a full day consisting of daily live analysis and trading, questions and answers, outdoor activities, and lots of fun. Check out some photo galleries from previous events

Unlimited access to a large resource of archived video content with hundreds of hours of live analysis and webinars.

You will have unlimited access to a vast resource of hundreds of hours of archived webinars, lessons and weekly video analysis. These videos have been compiled since the community was first launched in October 2013, can and must be used as part of your learning process since they refer to past and present live scenarios following the rules. You can go through them at your own pace, like reading a long Stephen King book. Every video you watch will give you new insights and knowledge on how supply and demand is structured and how markets move with the help of t these supply and demand imbalances.

Benefits of joining Set and Forget community

  • Learn the skills to build a professional trader's mindset.
  • Learn to become the exception, learn to become profitable.
  • Be part of a worldwide growing community of like minded supply and demand traders all trading with the same rule set, no more clouding your mind with different strategies.
  • Obtain unlimited support from numerous senior members who are willing to help you the same way they were helped by others when they started.
  • Learn if your top down analysis is correct by sharing your analysis and asking senior members for feedback
  • Sharing your analysis and interacting with other traders will help you develop your skills and confidence in the markets.
  • Benefit from live trade setups posted every day and week. The community is not a signal service but there are many trading opportunities shared by members that follow the rules of supply and demand.
  • Access to exclusive tools only available to members, many of these tools have been developed by other members. This is what a community is all about, sharing our knowledge and work with others.
  • Participate in yearly free meetups where we will do live analysis in the morning and outdoor activities for the rest of the day in key cities around the world.
  • Unlimited access to a large resource of archived video content with over 300 + hours of useful and detailed videos
  • Develop a winning mindset and learn how to manage your money like a professional with the support of other fellow traders.
  • Grow not only as a trader but also as a human being. Learn skills on how to manage your emotions and execute a daily routine that will put you on the right path.
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