Stock market analysis

Find below top down stock market analysis exclusively using supply and demand imbalances together with price action.
Bear in mind that a top down technical analysis is needed to make a trading decision, a single timeframe is not enough to place a trade. This is not a signal service, they are meant to point out strong imbalances usually in a clear trending market, you need to do a top down analysis and make a trading decision based on market structure and the trend.

Stock analysis today

There are the latest shares analysis and updates with clear trends and high odds to make profits.
Abbott laboratories abt stock market

Abbott Labs

We update the blog with Abbott Laboratories stock trading analysis that are creating strong imbalances.
abobe stock

Adobe Inc

We update the blog with Adobe Inc stock trading analysis that are creating strong imbalances.
Airbus stock market #AIR

Airbus Group

We update the blog with Airbus Group stock trading analysis that are creating strong imbalances.
Alibaba stock market #BABA

Alibaba Group

We update the blog with Alibaba Group stock trading analysis that are creating strong imbalances.
Amazon stock market #AMZN


We update the blog with Amazon stock trading analysis that are creating strong imbalances.
Berkshire Hathaway brk b stock

Berkshire Hathaway

The latest Berkshire Hathaway stock trading analysis that are creating strong imbalances.
Coca Cola stock market

Coca Cola

The best Coca Cola stock trading analysis that are creating a high odds strong imbalances.
11th March 2021

Virgin Galactic and the Conquest of Space Travel

Virgin Galactic is an American spaceflight company within the Virgin Group. It is developing commercial spacecraft and aims to provide suborbital spaceflights to space tourists and suborbital launches for space science missions. The idea of space travel sounds like science fiction to me and probably to you as well. Virgin Galactic #SPCE is not the […]
3rd February 2021
trading community, supply and demand imbalances

Alibaba stock price reacting to a strong imbalance during 2021

Alibaba stock price is reacting to a strong demand imbalance on the monthly timeframe as expected and shared with members of the Set and Forget trading community. Alibaba Group stock took a few months to pull back to the strong imbalance located around $215 per share and it’s reacting to it very strongly. Alibaba stock […]
26th January 2021

Is Pfizer stock a great stock to buy in 2021?

Is Pfizer stock a great stock to buy in 2021? Does Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) stock deserve a place in your portfolio? Sure it does. Moreover with the strong demand imbalance that gained control around $37 per share. For Pfizer (NYSE:PFE), the dividend yield, growth rate, and payout ratio all support the supply and demand stock […]
25th January 2021
trading community, supply and demand stock analysis

Netflix stock price 2021 forecast

Netflix, Inc. is still the number one subscription streaming entertainment service in the world in 2021. There are a few streaming entertainment companies like Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, HBO but NetFlix is definitely the one to be beaten. Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) keeps getting better and better in a world that is locked down again under […]
19th January 2021
supply and demand stock analysis, trading community, stock traders

Intel stock price forecast first quarter of 2021

As explained in a previous Intel Stock forecast shared with you last 17th November 2020, to many investors’ surprise, Intel stock (NASDAQ:INTC) had been beaten up badly in the last months of the year 2020. In that supply and demand stock analysis,, not too many traders would know why Intel stock couldn’t drop below the […]
23rd December 2020

How to trade European stocks using supply and demand imbalances

Hannover Re is a German stock with a gross premium of around €22.6 billion, is a European and third-largest reinsurance group in the world. Its headquarters is in Hannover, Germany. The company was founded in 1966 under the name Aktiengesellschaft für Transport- und Rückversicherung. This stock is a great example of how to trade European […]
8th December 2020
stock trading courses

BiliBili stock– China’s YouTube?

Is Bilibili Inc. stock China’s YouTube? Is it a stock to buy? The company provides online entertainment services for the young generations in the People’s Republic of China. BiliBili Inc. [NASDAQ: BILI) offers a platform that covers a range of genres and media formats, including videos, live broadcasting, and mobile games. The company has a […]
17th November 2020
stock trading courses

Hewlett Packard Enterprise stock high dividend

Shares of Hewlett Packard Enterprise stock dropped strongly by more than 40% this year amid weaker growth pressured by disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic. However, most stock traders will be unaware of bigger timeframe imbalances and why all of the sudden Hewlett Packard stock price is rallying strongly again. Take a look at the weekly […]
17th November 2020
stock trading courses

Intel stock price forecast 2020

To many investors’ surprise, Intel stock has been beaten up badly in the past months. However, not too many traders will know why Intel stock cannot drop below the $42 price level. Many short-term and intraday day traders will think of potential short scenarios now that the momentum has “turned” against the company. The momentum […]
17th November 2020
stock trading courses

Boeing stock price forecast 2020

As explained in a previous analysis, we expected Boeing stock price to rally much higher. That’s exactly what this American stock has done regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic, together and problems delivering new aircraft to clients. Needless to say, problems in the airline sector for lack of travellers due to the lockdown. Read Boeing stock […]
17th November 2020
stock trading courses

Berkshire Hathaway stock and Warren Buffet

Berkshire Hathaway stock has been moving to higher grounds as expected and mentioned in my last stock technical analysis update. As expected the strong demand imbalance created at $175 per share has played out very nicely. Berkshire Hathaway stock price has been moving much higher managing to break all-time high again. Warren Buffet and most […]
4th November 2020
stock trading courses

eBay stock price forecast 2020

eBay is dropping as expected after a very strong bullish move. eBay stock forecast for 2020 is bullish but we are expecting a bearish correction down to the $34 per share. Will it drop to that strong demand imbalance? I don’t know but that’s what eBay stock price is expected to do in the forthcoming […]

Shares market price

Stock analysis is a method for investors and traders to make buying and selling decisions in the stock market. By studying and evaluating past and current data, investors and traders attempt to gain an edge in the markets by making informed decisions based on a set of rules predefined in a trading plan.

A stock market analysis does not require a Ph.D in economics or knowing everything about the company or the underlying stock. Reading price action alone and understanding how new imbalances are created is more than enough. You will read many traders and educators saying very different things, trying to sell you their strategy.

That’s perfectly fine, there are hundreds if not thousands of trading strategies that will help you become successful trading the stock market and doing a top down analysis of any stock. Just remember to stick to a single strategy, that will prevent you from clouding your mind with different scenarios and trading ideas that will most likely contradict each other.

Technical analysis of stocks

Traditionally, the technical analysis of stocks has been the study of historical market data, including price and volume, while at the same time using tools like trendlines and support and resistance levels to help you trade with the support of as many indicators as possible.

Technical analysis hasn’t always been used in the past, most traders used to trade fundamental analysis of the stocks they had in their watchlist or portfolio. As supply and demand traders we also have to use technical analysis, it’s the core of what we do because trendlines and the strength of price action will indicate us potential huge imbalances where we want to place our trades.

However, we do not need to take into consideration volume or fundamental analysis in our technical analysis of stocks, because price action alone will tell us all we need to do. Price action is alone is not enough, we must the price action into context since context is everything. Stock fundamentals are usually priced in price action technical analysis.

Live stock charts

Charts of live stocks will show us examples of how price action and supply and demand go hand in hand because every single imbalance is made of price action, candlesticks or bars if you are using the latter. Hundreds of live stocks charts and potential trade setups are available in the set and forget trading community.

We go over dozens of scenarios every week in our daily and weekly updates so you don’t have to do the hard work of locating those potential imbalances and trade opportunities.

Best stock trend analysis

The trend is your friend until it ends. Trading stocks in a clear trend is higher probability than trading them going against the trend. There is no such thing as the best stock trend analysis, every stock trading strategy will have its own definition of a trend and we should use it as specified in its trading plan. As supply and demand traders, we will be using the price action and imbalances to learn about the stock trend and trade accordingly.

A single timeframe is not enough to made a trading decision, neither are candlesticks and price action. We need a context, we must put price action into the context of the bigger picture trend analysis and avoid making a trading decision based on a single timeframe.

Stock market study

Studying the stock market and how to trade the stock market does not, and should not require any special skills. Studying and learning how to trade the stock market should not be as complicated as they say, as long as you stick to a set of rules that do not have a very long and steep learning curve.

Understanding the dynamics of the stock market does not require reading dozens of books purchased in Amazon, not even a university career. It’s true that becoming an expert at something, becoming proficient and number one at any skill requires a lot of work and sacrifice. You must put a lot of work in and never quit.

Becoming successful at trading the stock market is a very challenging task, most traders won’t success. We recommend that you try to stick to a single stock trading strategy and avoid at all costs trading several strategies at once. You must commit yourself and your valuable time to the study of multiple stock trading strategies.


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