Learn to trade Stocks, Cryptocurrencies and Forex using supply and demand imbalances

We do not want you to waste your time and money. We prefer to be honest with you and tell you that becoming a good trader takes a lot of time and it doesn't happen overnight or in a few months. If you have made most of the mistakes every trader does on their trading journey, like trading with indicators, scalping the lower timeframes, using fundamentals, moving averages crossovers, or even blown a couple of accounts out, you will probably know what we are talking about. We can help you become a profitable trader, but be realistic.



Single payment

  • Access to the core trading strategy for 3 months
  • Access to community support for 3 months
  • Stocks, Crytocurrencies, Forex and Indexes Weekly Video Analysis
  • Weekly updates with potential high probability trades


3956 months

Single payment.

Everything from the basic membership for 6 months +
  • Monthly webinars
  • Access to high odds stock watchlists
  • Years of video analysis and trade setups to learn how to trade with the trend
  • Free access to annual meetups



One time payment. No renewals

Everything from the standard plan with lifetime access to the core strategy material and support.

One time payment. No recurrent monthly fees.


from €800

One one one personalized coaching plans.

  • Supercharge your trading with a private trading coach.
  • Effective and practical coaching with Alfonso Moreno himself.
  • Two hours every week that will boost your trading better than any book, or video. It will change your life!.

Reasons not to join Set and Forget:

  • You are looking for a signals service. This community is not a signals service. We don't offer investment advice or management of investments to the general public. The community is a meeting point for supply and demand traders.
  • You think you can learn how to read the markets and trade in a few weeks or months. Learning a profession or a trading strategy share something in common: time. You should know by now that It will take you a pretty decent amount of time to see how to read the markets. Be realistic!
  • You are not committed to do your homework. Nobody is going to do it for you. You will need to commit and work very hard. This is one of the reasons the majority of traders fail, they believe in the impossible
  • You are an intraday or scalper. You can use our swing and long-term analysis to trade intraday on your own. Supply and demand can be used to trade the lower timeframes as well, but we don't want to sit in front of the computers like a zombie all day long.
  • You are looking for some self-proclaimed guru to make you rich.
  • You are thinking that paying a subscription fee will entitle you to break the rules. The subscription fee will allow you in, you have to behave yourself and follow the rules, or your membership will be revoked.
  • The monthly fee is a burden to you and/or your family financially
  • If you have any doubts about these membership plans, contact us and speak to a real person, we will be glad to help.

    Frequent Questions & Answers

    1What payment methods are accepted?
    Major credit and debit cards, and PayPal are accepted in a secure checkout, providing instant access to the community. Long term and Lifetime memberships can also benefit from bank wire transfers. Contact us if you want to wire payment.
    2Can I speak to a real person?
    Most contact is done by email but I am available on Skype for a call if you need clarification on how the trading community and the service work. The community is a personalised service, members are not numbers but people we help and take care of each other while learning how to trade.
    3Can I cancel or change my account at any time?
    Yes. You can cancel your membership at any time by logging into the system or contacting us by email.
    4Are quarterly and semester memberships cumulative and add up to the lifetime subscription?
    No they are not cumulative, they are different memberships. Lifetime membership payment cannot use standard memberships to be discounted.
    5Is the full trading course included in all memberships?
    Yes. All memberships include the full course, the only difference between them is the number of months for your subscription.
    6Can I use Alfonso Moreno's Set and Forget copyrighted material to teach others or turn a profit from it?
    No, you can't. The lessons, videos, indicators and all material in the community and forum are copyrighted. You cannot use copyrighted material without the author's consent. If you do use said material for your own profit, legal action will be taken against you.
    7I am looking for a live room on a daily basis, is this service offered?
    No. Analysis are updated on a daily and weekly basis. We are doing swing and longer term analysis that can be used to trade lower timeframes. We do have a job, that job is being a trader and most importantly enjoying all the free time it provides us to enjoy life to its fullest. We all want to have a life and most importantly, I believe you also want to have a life, this should be the first reason why you would ever think of becoming a swing trader and a member of this trading community.
    8Is there a trial account? Are there refunds?
    No, there are no trial accounts because you will have access to all content with any of the membership plans. Browse the site and watch the free videos and material before you make up your mind and register. Don't register if you are not 100% you want to commit to learning this methodology or if you are looking for the holy grail of trading, you won't learn the strategy in a few months. There are no refunds, once you've paid your subscription, you will have access to all the content, course and trading channels. I am sure you will not ask for a refund if you don't like a movie in the threaters.
    9Can I learn how to trade in a few weeks?
    You could, but it is not common. It takes much longer than that. Don't expect to learn the strategy in a few weeks. Our brains have limitations, but our ego does not have any of those limitations. You need to practice a lot, create habits, change your mindset, repeat the same processes and patterns over and over before your brain creates habits and rules become second nature. Moreover, you need to beat your ego and fears.That does NOT happen in a few weeks or months. Can you become a lawyer by only studying 3-6 months at the university? Can you speak a new language in a few weeks? No, you can't. Don't expect to become a trader overnight. Please, be realistic!
    10Are intraday and scalping strategies traded in the community?
    Rules can be used in any market and timeframe, but we don't do intraday or scalping analysis. That does not mean that members can't trade intraday in their own live account. Many will do but we do not comment on that kind of analysis in the trading community.
    11Is the strategy platform independent or do I need a specific platform to trade it?
    The platform you use to trade supply and demand is irrelevant. You can use Metatrader, Tading View, e-Trade, Trade Station, Think or Swim, Schwab, Fidelity, Interactive Brokers, or many other platforms. The strategy does not need any indicators, it just needs your trading platform to be able to draw trendlines and rectangles. If your trading platform can't draw rectangles you can use horizontal lines to draw the upper and lower prices for the supply and demand imbalances.
    12Can Set and Forget or any of its members invest your money?
    No Set and Forget does not invest anyone's money. You are the sole responsible for trading your own money, you must make your own trading decisions following your trading plan. We encourage you not to trust anyone with the decision to invest your money, most likely you will end up losing it.
    13What about Fundamentals?
    We do not pay attention to fundamentals or TV spokesmen or “research” papers from brokers and the like. Our coaching and trading techniques assume that your primary interest is in using supply and demand and the charts to make your trading decisions.
    14What is your refund policy?
    All sales are final. Recurring subscriptions are charged in advanced every month and provides membership benefits for the next period. Once a charge has been processed there are NO REFUNDS. You can cancel at any time and your existing membership benefits will continue until the next month.
    15Is there a guarantee?
    No one can make you a guarantee that you will become a superstar trader. No one can do that! Supply and demand moves the market, you will learn how to trade high probability trades but we can't control your decisions and your emotions, it's you and only you who can take control of your emotions and execute your trading plan to the letter. It is up to you to choose to walk the the path of least resistance that we suggest or continue to search for the “holy grail” of trading.
    16What markets do we trade or teach in?
    We trade all markets. Stocks, Crytpcurrencies Forex, Futures and Indexes.

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